Self-Preservation and Self-Mutilation (Tadoku 2011, Round 3)

The third round of Tadoku 2011 is just around the corner, so I thought I’d drop in with a list of things I plan to read and my overall expectations for the contest–since that’s pretty much all I ever do on this blog. (Actually, the real reason I’m making this post is so LordSilent doesn’t wring my neck. He’s been threatening everyone for the past few days, trying to get reading lists.)

  • Games
    • Rewrite (PC)
    • Ever17 -the out of infinity- (PC)
    • 逆転検事2 (NDS)
    • 密室のサクリファイス (PSP)
  • Manga
    • 未来日記
    • 涼風 (v. 7-9)
    • バクマン。 (Weekly)
    • エニグマ (Weekly)
    • One Piece (Weekly)
    • 神のみぞ知るセカイ (Weekly)
  • Light Novels
    • NHKにようこそ!
    • 扉の外 (v. 2-3)
    • 文学少女 (v. 2-3)
    • 狼と香辛料 (v. 1)

Now, I know I’m probably out of my bloody mind if I think I’ll be able to get through all that in a month. I have essentially four visual novels (compared to my usual one and change); a complete, twelve-volume manga series, plus the latter third of another; and six light novels. On the low end of the spectrum, that’s 1900 pages from light novels, 700 pages from manga, and another 2000-2500 from visual novels (assuming I only make it through one of the games, and maybe some of a second). This makes somewhere between 4600 and 5100 pages, on the low end of my reading list. Depending on how long the games are, this could get as high as 10000 pages.

Like I said. Out of my bloody mind.

More realistically, I’m aiming for at least as much improvement as I made in previous rounds: 2224 → 3042 → 3828. An increase of roughly 800 pages each round, putting my target around 4600 this time. Since it’s summer, and I’m a NEET with a bachelor’s degree now, I’ll bump that up to 5000 and first place for good measure.

In the spirit of good fun, fierce competition, and reading til our eyes explode, 乾杯!

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