Reinvigoration, Reexamination, and Rewrite (Tadoku 2011, Round 3 Halftime Report)

I bet you didn’t see that one coming.

Yeah, well neither did I.

This round has been a unique experience for me. I’ve taken the “All Japanese All The Time” mantra to a whole new level, living it so much more fully than I ever have before. And it’s working wonders.

Throw in a pinch (or the whole bottle) of OCD, and you’ve got a recipe for success.

The majority of my pages (~4700) have come from Rewrite, Key’s latest visual novel. Ryukishi07, the author of ひぐらし and うみねこ, and one of my personal favorite authors, contributed to the scenario, which is the reason I picked the game up in the first place. I’ve had a rough relationship with Key titles, generally being of the opinion that they’re all the exact same story, just spun in different ways. So I wasn’t expecting much out of Rewrite–but I was curious to know what kind of story it was, if R07 was willing to work on it.

I haven’t finished the game yet. It’s pretty extraordinarily long, with some drastic fluctuations in quality (more on that in another post), but suffice it to say I’ve enjoyed the game enough to spend in excess of ten hours every day this month reading.

The important part, in all of this, is that I’m feeling a surge in my ability to read and process Japanese. I’ve come across hundreds of words I’d never seen before, and I’ve learned a number of them. I’m honing my ability to decide what words are important and what words I can skip over without losing the overall meaning, and it’s doing wonders for my reading speed. I’m improving in my ability to decipher new words from familiar kanji.

And, most importantly, I’m enjoying the hell out of it.

In light of my unexpected page count, I am revising my initial goal of 5000 to 10000 pages. I said, in the beginning, I was probably out of my mind. I am now certain of that fact.

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