The Beginning of the End (Tadoku 2011, Round 4: Prologue)

Where the hell has all my time gone? Seriously. How is it already time for another round of the contest? I don’t feel like I’ve done enough to justify the amount of time that has passed, but at the same time I feel like I’m working my ass off (more on that some other day).

Well, since we’re here, I guess I’ll follow tradition and make a short post about what I want to read this round:

My focus this round is primarily novels, with a sprinkling of manga/game to keep things fresh. This has two implications:

  1. My reading speed will be significantly slower than usual, since I’m not nearly as proficient reading straight books as I am in the other categories.
  2. I am NOT shooting for the win this round. As much as I love the competition and the ferocity it inspires, I’m coming to realize that, over the last year of contests, I’ve used #game as a bit of a crutch, to the detriment of my ability consuming other media.

My true goal this round is to improve my reading speed and comprehension reading slightly more sophisticated, denser texts. (Stuff with narration and prose and all the things you get visually/aurally from games and manga.) I’ve been reading 嘘月 for almost a month now, and it’s only 200 pages. I love the book, but there’s no way I’m getting through my backlog at that rate, so I want to kick that skill into high gear.

I have no delusions of actually getting through this list (as with all lists), but having a bunch of stuff I want to read is certainly better than having no idea what I want to do, right?

This will also be the first round I compete without using Anki. I’ve officially retired my Core 6000 deck, and I haven’t started another one up yet, so I’m interested to see how my retention fares pure 多読-style. As far as I can tell, in the few weeks since I stopped using Anki, I haven’t noticed any decrease in my knowledge. I’m still able to watch and read and pick up words the same level as before.

Well, I guess we’ll see when the sparks (and tables) start flying in a little over a week.


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