UPDATE: Using Your E-Reader for Evil

Back when I wrote the original Using Your E-Reader for Evil post, I mentioned how the PDFs 青P outputs don’t match the aspect ratio of the nook or other e-readers, which results in there being a whole lot of unused space. Well, in preparation for the coming round of Tadoku, I decided to take another crack at overcoming that issue, and I’ve come up with what I believe to be a fairly satisfying solution.

Since the original post already contains a tutorial for using 青P, I’ll just show what I changed here. On the advanced settings page:

In short, I just changed a couple things about the margins.

  1. I increased the top/bottom margins significantly. This is so we can chop off the extra empty space and bring the PDF much closer to the nook’s aspect ratio.
  2. I decreased the right margin. This is because (as far as I can tell) the spacing between lines applies to the first line and right side of the page, so using symmetrical margins gives us off-center text.
  3. I told it to not reverse the margins between even/odd pages. If we let it reverse, every other page would be even more off-center than with symmetrical margins.

Once you’ve made the PDF, open it in Adobe Acrobat, click on Document → Crop Pages and use the following settings:

Don’t forget to make it apply to all pages.

Then, save your PDF and drop it onto your e-reader. You should be making much better use of your screen real estate now. 🙂



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