The End of an Adventure (Tadoku 2011, Round 4 & Overall, Postmortem)

It’s late, I’m tired, and my brother’s playing the xylophone or some other high-pitched bell-like musical contraption. Conclusion: write a blog post.

The contest is over. It’s been a year of super intense reading, pushing myself to places I never thought I could go. There have been surprises, and there have been disappointments. But most of all, there’s been growth, and a hell of a lot of fun. I’ve read things, comfortably, I would have thought far out of my reach this time a year ago. And I’ve enjoyed doing it.

I’ve been saying this every round. Reading improves your language skills. And I don’t just have the numbers anymore. I went to Japan. I spoke Japanese with real native speakers. I ordered food and navigated the railway system and spent like $300 on anime/video game paraphernalia at Comiket. In Japanese. It’s not just statistics anymore. It’s the real deal. And I made it out of there alive. (Maybe a little traumatized by the times I got stuck, but that’s just a part of the process, eh?)

tl;dr: It works. Do it.

A little bit about this round: it was my lowest-scoring round this year, but I still pulled sixth. A little over 2700 pages in total, 45% of which came from books. I said I wanted to focus on reading books before the round started, and I think I did a decent job there. The games still tempted me, claiming around 33% of my score, but hey, a little variety’s not a bad thing. In the end, I accomplished my goal–to a degree. I improved my speed reading text dense in prose and narration, and I believe I’m also solidifying my ability to see the things being described, like I would reading a book in English.

I have a large stack of books I’m now working my way through, and hopefully I will be able to maintain some of the contest momentum.

This round’s reading list:

  • Light Novels
    • ダンガンロンパ/ゼロ(上) (256 pages)
    • 変愛サイケデリック (301 pages)
    • 扉の外 II (334 pages)
    • サクラダリセット (312 pages)
    • 扉の外III (37 / 324 pages)
  • Manga
    • 涼風 (Vol. 7-9 — I finally finished it!)
    • Soul Eater (Vol. 20)
    • Weekly stuff
  • Games
    • code_18 (PSP — didn’t get very far; kind of dull as hell)
    • God of War: Chains of Olympus & Ghost of Sparta (PS3)
    • Fate/stay night (PC, with added voices — a little through Day 3 of the Fate route)
    • Some miscellaneous stuff

This round’s surprise victory goes to 変愛サイケデリック, which managed to be endlessly entertaining on top of being the perfect level of difficulty to challenge me and push me to the next level of comprehension. I will be buying the sequel as soon as the opportunity presents itself.

Anyway, I think that covers everything.

Oh yeah, I creamed the master ranking. (*´∀`)

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3 Responses to The End of an Adventure (Tadoku 2011, Round 4 & Overall, Postmortem)

  1. Sever says:

    I would love to read on your blog a small entry about how you learned japanese… steps, what worked and what not.
    I consider you advanced…


  2. Alex says:

    How did you get voices to Fate/Stay Night without installing English patch? I thought that’s not possible.

    • A while back, I wrote a really messy script to compare the English script + voice patch with the original Japanese script and insert voice commands into the Japanese. I haven’t played much using it (and I don’t plan to play any more, since the Realta Nua PC ports are out), but it works for the first few chapters, and it should work for the rest of the game, too. In theory. But I make no guarantees.

      Anyway, you can get the patch for the Japanese version here:

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