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UPDATE: Using Your E-Reader for Evil

Back when I wrote the original Using Your E-Reader for Evil post, I mentioned how the PDFs 青P outputs don’t match the aspect ratio of the nook or other e-readers, which results in there being a whole lot of unused space. Well, … Continue reading

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Tadoku 2011, Round 2

I didn’t end up making a post about the first round, mostly because I figured I’d let myself relax and collect my thoughts. Well, my thoughts are still lying in a bloody mess and the second round of Tadoku 2011 … Continue reading

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Mangle v2.2.0.1 (Unofficial)

So, I’ve gone ahead and done some more work on Mangle. We’re going to pretend my previous quick-tweak released on Dropbox never existed and start afresh with this one. Rather than a lengthy diatribe about what I’ve done, I’ll just … Continue reading

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Tadoku Tools

What I’ve got here today is a couple of tools designed for use in the Read More Or Die contest (aka Tadoku; nka タ毒), though they’re certainly not restricted to that. First off, download the tools here. You’ll need Python … Continue reading

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Tools of Mass Reconstruction

I’m gonna make this one quick, since I doubt many people will be using either of these tools, but I thought I’d throw them down as an addendum to my previous post. Both of the tools I’m gonna talk about … Continue reading

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Using Your E-Reader for Evil (And a Little Japanese)

It seems, right about now, that everyone’s getting their hands on an e-reader. And, considering the community I’m involved in, there’s a lot of interest in using those new toys to read Japanese books and manga on the go. Well, … Continue reading

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