Self-Preservation and Self-Mutilation (Tadoku 2011, Round 3)

The third round of Tadoku 2011 is just around the corner, so I thought I’d drop in with a list of things I plan to read and my overall expectations for the contest–since that’s pretty much all I ever do on this blog. (Actually, the real reason I’m making this post is so LordSilent doesn’t wring my neck. He’s been threatening everyone for the past few days, trying to get reading lists.)

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Expectations, Exhilaration, and Exotic Particles (Tadoku 2011, Round 2 Postmortem)

Another round of the 2011 Tadoku contest has come to its close (almost half a month ago…), and–once again–looking back at the pile of ash my poor eyes became, I’m wondering just how far off my predictions will be next round.

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Tadoku 2011, Round 2

I didn’t end up making a post about the first round, mostly because I figured I’d let myself relax and collect my thoughts. Well, my thoughts are still lying in a bloody mess and the second round of Tadoku 2011 is upon us, so I guess I’ll just forego the recap (tl;dr: I lost, bad. ・゚・(つД`)・゚・ ウェ―ン) and join the pre-game ralliers.

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Mangle v2.2.0.1 (Unofficial)

So, I’ve gone ahead and done some more work on Mangle. We’re going to pretend my previous quick-tweak released on Dropbox never existed and start afresh with this one.

Rather than a lengthy diatribe about what I’ve done, I’ll just drop the changelog here:

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Tadoku Tools

What I’ve got here today is a couple of tools designed for use in the Read More Or Die contest (aka Tadoku; nka タ毒), though they’re certainly not restricted to that.

First off, download the tools here. You’ll need Python 2.6 or 2.7 (32-bit) to run them. They’re command-line tools because I didn’t feel like making a GUI. It shouldn’t be too hard to figure out.

I’ll just copy the documentation here, which should explain everything you need to know.

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Tools of Mass Reconstruction

I’m gonna make this one quick, since I doubt many people will be using either of these tools, but I thought I’d throw them down as an addendum to my previous post.

Both of the tools I’m gonna talk about here are primarily useful for the sort of text novels you’d want to use in 青P. In examining a large quantity of files in the 青空文庫形式, I’ve realized there are a few eccentricities that 青P doesn’t handle. For one, most of these files tend to be encoded in Shift-JIS, which, as far as I can tell, just causes 青P to spit out 文字化け, which is hard as hell to read.

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Using Your E-Reader for Evil (And a Little Japanese)

It seems, right about now, that everyone’s getting their hands on an e-reader. And, considering the community I’m involved in, there’s a lot of interest in using those new toys to read Japanese books and manga on the go. Well, over the last few weeks, with the help of the #ajatt crew (on, I’ve accumulated a nice selection of tools to help you get just about any Japanese book or manga you want living comfortably on your e-reader, with plenty of amenities to keep them (and you) happy.

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